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Community Fund

Government guidelines encourage wind farm developers to provide local communities with a community fund; the size of the fund is usually fixed to the eventual size of the wind farm on an installed Megawatt (MW) basis. As identified in 'Delivering Community Benefits from Wind Energy Development: A Tool Kit' (BERR, May 2007), the fund is not considered as part of the planning application.

We will set up a Community Fund for the Fen Lane Wind Farm of £5,000 per MW of installed capacity per annum. This would mean an annual fund value of up to £87,500 for the operational life of the wind farm, depending on the generating capacity of the turbine model chosen for the Proposed Development.

We would welcome your views on how this fund could be spent. It is intended to be used to support a range of social initiatives and sustainability projects in the local area, though we are open to a range of suggestions. It may be possible for local people to double the value of the community fund through match funding from other funding sources.

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