Project Description

Energiekontor UK is proposing a wind farm site located in East Lindsey District Council, to the north of the village of Fulstow, on land south of Fen Lane.

The Fen Lane Wind Farm proposal consists of up to 7 wind turbines, each of which would have a generating capacity of up to 2.5MW and a height of no more than 115 metres to blade tip. The installed capacity of the wind farm would therefore be up to 17.5MW. The development could be operational for a period of up to 25 years, after which the turbines would be removed and the site restored.

May 2014
A planning application was submitted to East Lindsey District Council in May 2014. The application reference number is N/056/01036/14. The full application is available on the council website. A hard copy of the application is also available to view at the council offices at Tedder Hall, Manby, Louth.

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